Judicial Service Commission

The Judicial Service Commission is one of four (4) Commissions that falls under the OSC which operates under the general direction of the Chief Personnel Officer.


The Judicial Service Commission is entrenched in the Constitution of Jamaica (Section 111-113). Its membership must include:

  • The Chief Justice
  • President of the Court of Appeal
  • Chairman, PSC
  • Three (3) members appointed in a similar manner as members of the PSC

These members are appointed by the Governor General by instrument under the Board Seal, acting on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition. Two (2) of these members are nominated by the General Legal Council, none of whom is in active practice as an Attorney-at-Law. Members are appointed for a period of up to three (3) years.


This Commission advises the Governor General on matters concerning appointments, promotions, acting appointments, transfers, study leave and separation of the Judiciary, that is, Judges of the Court of Appeal, Puisne Judges, Resident Magistrates, Registrar of the Court of Appeal and Registrar of the Supreme Court.

Functions of the Commission

The functions of the Judicial Service Commission are to appoint, remove and exercise disciplinary control over judges including:

  • Resident Magistrates
  • Judge of the Traffic Court
  • Registrar of the Supreme Court
  • Registrar of the Court of Appeal
  • Puisne Judges
  • Judges of the Court of Appeal
  • All other Judges
  • Participate in the organization’s strategic planning process
  • Process applications for employment in the legal area
  • Approve temporary employment for the following persons:
    • Clerk of Court
    • Deputy Clerk of Court
  • Represent the Office of the Services Commissions on interview panels at various Ministries/Departments
  • Approve acting appointments/assignments of staff
  • Approve contractual employment for Legal Officers
  • Prepare submissions for the Public Service Commission/Appointments Committee
  • Sign letters of employment
  • Accepts resignations
  • Provide advice to the general public