Message from Chief Personnel Officer


The Office of the Services Commissions (OSC) comprises a pool of talented employees who are knowledgeable in the operations of government as it relates to human resource issues. The OSC, as we are commonly called, is the Secretariat for four (4) services commissions namely the:

      ✔ Public Service Commission

      ✔ Police Service Commission

      ✔ Judicial Service Commission

      ✔ Local Government Services Commission

The duties of the office can look similar across commissions, but are distinct due to the nature of the work and the persons who are employed to carry them out.

The expectation, concerns and issues of persons employed in these organisations are however similar. They want to be employed and appointed through a process that is fair and transparent. They want to have equal access to the various privileges including study leave and other considerations for study purposes. When the time comes to separate after having worked diligently, they want their compensation to be accurately and quickly completed. Where disciplinary action or otherwise has to be taken, individuals need to be assured that the process is fair and that their right to appeal any decision or penalty imposed.

The staff of the OSC stand ready to provide guidance to officers in the service following the rules that apply to each category.

Any officer whose issue does not fall under the auspices of the OSC will be directed to the relevant office where their matter can be investigated and explored.

The OSC will at all times look out for the interest of officers employed in the Public Service.

We are here to serve you.

Mrs. Jacqueline Mendez, EMBA, BA, JP