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  • Public Service Commission

    The functions and operations of the Public Service Commission were established in the Public Service Regulations which were gazetted in 1961...

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  • Police Service Commission

    The Secretary to the Police Service Commission is a member of staff of the Office of the Services Commissions and is appointed to perform the duties of the Commission in keeping with Regulation 4 of the Police Service Regulations, 1961...

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  • Judicial Service Commission

    The Judicial Service Commission is one of the four (4) Commissions that fall under the OSC which operates under the general direction of the Chief Personnel Officer. The functions of the Judicial Service Commission is to appoint...

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  • Local Government

    The Local Government Services Commissions was established in accordance with Section 3 of the Local Government (Unified Service and Employment) Act, 2016. Prior to this, there were two (2) separate Commissions...

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Welcome to the Office of the Services Commissions

Over the past sixty years, the Office of the Services Commissions, being the Secretariat for the four (4) Services Commissions within Central and Local Government, has sought to ensure that appointments, promotions and selections for training are done on the basis of merit and that the disciplinary and separation processes are properly managed.

The Office of the Services Commissions also provides centralised stenotype services to all ministries, departments and executive agencies for recording the proceedings of conferences, commissions of enquires and disciplinary enquiries.

Under the Constitution of Jamaica, the Governor-General acting on the advice of the Public Service Commission, the Police Service Commission and the Judicial Service Commission has the power to make appointments to public offices, to exercise disciplinary control, and to remove persons holding or acting in any such office.