Executive Office

The Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) is the head of the Office of the Services Commissions (OSC), which is the Secretariat for 4 Commissions; the Public Service Commission, Police Service Commission, Judicial Service Commission and Local Government Services Commission.

In respect of the Public Service Commission, the Public Service Regulations , Regulation 6 indicates that the duties of the Chief Personnel Officer are to:

  1. submit whether in writing or orally matters, for the decision of the Commission;
  2. attend meetings of the Commission;
  3. carry out the decisions of the Commission;
  4. ensure that all documents and papers relating to any matter being or to be considered by the Commission are made available to the Commission; and
  5. generally be responsible for matters relating to the functions of the Commission.


The CPO is to maintain the general efficiency of the OSC in providing sound advice and ensuring that the staff members are well trained and are knowledgeable about the functions and the rules of the Public Service. The CPO is to ensure that the budget is prepared in accordance with the Government’s procedures and that the general guidelines of the Financial Administration and Audit Act are followed by the office.


It is the responsibility of the Administration to ensure that there is full compliance of staff to the other Commissions in carrying out the instructions. In consultation with the ICT Unit, the CPO is to ensure that the technical support is provided and is kept secure and that the technology of the office is up to date and modern.


The CPO interacts with the Permanent Secretaries , Chief Executive Officers of Executive Agencies and the Heads of Departments and provides guidance and advice on matters of concern or interest.