Public Service Human Resource Audit

Human Resource Auditing and Monitoring: 

  • Develop effective processes and systems to evaluate the performance of Executive Agencies and Ministries/Departments in relation to the management of the following delegated functions:
    • Appointment
    • Training
    • Separation
    • Discipline


  • Audit and monitor Executive Agencies and Ministries/Departments periodically in the management of the delegated functions.
  • Prepare Audit and Monitoring Reports.



  • ·         Assess the readiness of the remaining Departments for delegation of functions by conducting assessment of their current Human Resource activities to identify strengths and gaps in the management of the Human Resource Management functions.


Advice and Technical Support:

  • ·         Provide advice and technical support that are in keeping with the Public Service Regulations, 1961, 2004 Staff Orders for the Public Service, Executive Agencies Act, 2002 and Regulations, 2010 and contemporary Human Resource practices on issues affecting Executive Agencies, Ministries and Departments that have delegation of functions.
  • Liaise with other stakeholders (e.g. the Public Service Commission [PSC] and the Information, Standards and Public Education Unit) in order to design and/or implement interventions to correct deficiencies identified in the management of the delegated Human Resource Functions.